Exclusions to USLH Coverage

Exclusions to USLH Coverage:

  1. An officer or employee of the United States or any of its agencies.
  2. An employee of any state.
  3. An employee of any municipality.
  4. The agent of any foreign country.
  5. An employee whose injury is caused solely by his intoxication.
  6. An employee whose injury occurs as a result of his attempt to injure or kill himself or another.
  7. Office clerical, secretarial, security, or data processing personnel who perform non-maritime tasks exclusively.
  8. Personnel working for a club, camp, recreational operation, restaurant, museum, or retail outfit
  9. Personnel employed by a marina including those taking reservations, servicing boats, preparing and serving food, or performing routine tasks.
  10. Personnel working for suppliers, transporters, or vendors temporarily doing business on the premises of a maritime employer, but who are not engaged in work normally performed by the employees of the maritime employer. This would include a teamster delivering a load of steel to a shipyard; however, an employee of a subcontractor performing a peripheral part of the shipbuilding or ship repair process at the shipyard would be covered.
  11. Aquaculture workers, which includes personnel who clean, process, or can fish and fish products, and a commercial enterprise involved in the controlled cultivation and harvest of aquatic plants and animals.
  12. Personnel working on the construction, repair, or dismantling of any recreational vessel under 65 feet in length.
  13. NOTE: one exception to exclusions 7 through 12 is that the individual must be eligible for state workers’ compensation benefits.
  14. A master or member of a crew of any vessel (Jones’ Act).
  15. Any person engaged by a master to load, unload, or repair any vessel under 18 tons net.